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Discover this season´s home décor trends

Is there any decolover who doesn´t like to be informed on all the latest home décor trends? We are going to make your life easier. In SuperStudio you will find a section that is exclusively dedicated to the latest home décor trends. Our goal is to help you to find your inspiration and offer you exactly what you´re looking for.

Get up-to-date with the hottest fashion styles, colours and materials. Pick your favourite pieces and create a fashionable home décor. You will find your inspiration in our Top Trendy collection: natural fibre home accessories, gold decoration and furniture, vinyl floors in many different prints… welcome to the home décor trends paradise.

The latest decoration trends within your reach

Home décors are an entire world to explore. Each one of them is surely hiding the decorator´s personality, but to know how to adapt the new décor trends and to create the perfect fusion, is the key to achieve excellent results.

Discover the necessary pieces to achieve a fashionable result in our Top Trendy collection. Are you a fan of the chic essence of gold colour? Then you may definitely not miss our inspirational list which includes decorative figures, gold candle holders, lamps... everything you need to inject this home décor trend in your home or establishment.

Do you want to bring in some style to the floors, however your budget is quite limited? We have the solution: the encaustic pattern floor tiles, one of the most loved décor trends. Discover an entire world of prints and colours to choose the one that best fits with you and your décor.

The latest home décor trends at the best price

The home décor trends are in continuous development, but we don´t miss a single one. In SuperStudio you will discover both spring summer trends and winter trends , that allows you to integrate the season´s must-haves into your home décor.

But besides offering the most trendy pieces, you will also be able to enjoy our daily offers. Now it is possible to furnish your home with the most adored décor trends without having to spend a fortune. Are you ready to be bang up-to-date? Get inspired by our most trendy collections.