Find unique furniture collections for your spaces

Nowadays home décor plays a very important role. But why exactly is that? Either in our home or in catering establishments, these are places where we use to spend a great deal of our time, and it is therefore important to be able to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere that fits with our personality. It is because of this, that we felt inclined to leave aside the basic and lineardesign, in order to be able to offer furniture collections that are only to be found in our online decoration store.

It´s obvious that everyone would like to have some basic decoration pieces, just like that dress or suit in the back of your wardrobe that you only get out for weddings and other celebrations. But, what about exclusiveness? SuperStudio wants to offergood design, and of course, interior decorations that are full of personality.

Get a home décor that has personality written all over

In our exclusive furniture collections you will findpieces that are only available in our online decoration store to achieve anoutstanding and extraordinary atmosphere full of character. What doyou think of the industrial style? In our TEREK collection you will find metal tables and chairs, radiating this unique 50s decade factory essence. Our TOWER range is a faithful companion of the Scandinavian style, just like our BOCCARDI furniture and COUSHTO sofas, although the latter with an extremely original and soft retro essence.

If you are eager to join this season´s softest trend, you may definitely not miss our VELVET collection, full of velvety armchairs and chairs in all fashion colours. Other collections that are worth checking out, are our BIT, COOPER or EXTENSION lighting collections, inspired by famous designer´s works that left un unmistakable mark in the fifties and that nowaydays are the eye-catchers in spectacular interior decorations.

The same thing could be said about our ACAPULCO and BERTOIA pieces of furniture or the CHESTER Sofas. These collections include chairs based on iconic designs that have been on the covers of the best interior design magazines over many years.

Our furniture collections offer exclusivity at the best price

Exclusivity doesn´t necessarily have to hurt your pocket. Thanks to our weekly offers you may now get extraordinary designer pieces for much less than you might think. It has never been that easy to achieve a home décor injected with personality. Did you think that the decoration that you saw in your favourite magazine would be out of your reach? That really doesn´t have to be the case. With our furniture collections, everything is possible.